Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Useful Chrome Extensions

In a previous post, Liz explained why you should be using Google Chrome if you aren’t already.  Along with Google Chrome, you can add extensions that will extend Chrome’s capabilities.  In the following information, you may find one that can help you get organized, boost your productivity or be more prepared.  Follow the links to add them to chrome.

  • Make a screencast with Screencastify or MediaCore.  These are great for making a video for your students on how to do something with the chromebooks.  Students can also use them to create a video presentation on a topic that they have researched.

  • Schedule e-mails to send later with Boomerang.  If you want to send an email but don’t want it to go out until a certain day, use Boomerang to tell it when to send.  If you need Boomerang to re-send you an email and move it to the top of your inbox, tell it when to remind you as well.

  • Organize your e-mail like a to do list with Sortd.  If your e-mail functions as a checklist of tasks, you’ll like this one that allows you to sort it into different lists, check them off as you complete them, and even add other non-email tasks under 3 different customizable headings.  There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting “DONE!”

  • Make a functional home screen in a new tab with Momentum.  This extension will give you the local weather, a to do list, a place to put in your goal for the day and an inspiring photo from around the world to relax you.  Each time you open a new tab in chrome, you will see the photo for the day.

  • Quickly save something to the cloud with Save to Google Drive.  Do you see something on a website that you want to save for later?  Click on the icon for this extension and it will quickly save it to your Google Drive for you to use later.

  • Look at your calendar for the day without loading the calendar in another tab with Checker Plus.  If you just want to quickly reference something without waiting for the whole calendar to load, this can save you some time.

If you have one to share or I missed one that has changed your life, feel free to send them my way.  If you have questions about using one of these, let us know!

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