Friday, January 27, 2017

Tech Tool Round-Up

This week, I just want to share some quick tech tools that sound amazing, are getting great reviews, but that I haven’t had a chance to check out fully with a class.  If you decide to use one, I’d love to hear about it!

This tool is a lot like Kahoot! and Socrative.  To create an account, go to Login and choose “Login with Google.”  You can create your own, use quizzes that have already been created, view reports of student answers, etc.  My favorite part is that you can create your own “correct” and “incorrect” memes to use in the game. View the video tutorial here.

If you were a fan of Zaption before it went away, you’ll love EDPuzzle.  You can choose a video for students to watch and have them answer questions.  Other options, though, are worth noting.  You can also talk over the video so you can explain it differently.  Maybe even personalize it for each class?  You can get data from the results of your video quiz to plan accordingly for the rest of your lesson.  It connects directly to your classes in Google Classroom and you can assign it to the whole class or just specific students.  When you first login, it gives a nice screen-by-screen tutorial, too. View a video tutorial here.