Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How Students Use the Library

At Warrior Run, students can visit the library in one of two ways: with their classes or on their own.  When they come with their classes, it’s usually because they’re working on a project of some kind:
  • At the high school, they could be researching for a paper or collaborating on a multimedia project.**  
  • At the middle school, they could be learning the steps in a new project or creating with a web 2.0 tool.**
  • At the elementary school, they’re learning how the library works and checking out books in “library class.”**

Even though classes are not scheduled in the libraries all day every day, students are using them independently all day long.  Why??  According to AASL (and we librarians know)...

So what are students actually doing when they visit the library on their own?

As you can see, students make the most of their libraries at Warrior Run. They are taking charge of their education and making wise use of their free time. With ever-increasing demands on students' time, they have found a space that allows them to work efficiently and effectively during the school day.

Encourage your students to visit the library as soon as possible!

**These lists are by no means comprehensive.

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