Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Adding to Theresa's post from last week...

Feedback is important.  Some one say it is a (the?) key to learning.  For students, timely and constructive feedback is everything.  Students appreciate receiving personalized comments and individualized responses.  High quality feedback directly correlates to high quality assessments.
"Feedback helps us learn from our mistakes.  It reveals new perspectives and options you might not have explored otherwise."  - Natalie, grade 10
This article from Edutopia quickly explains how, when, and why to give students feedback.  Its key points are:

  1. Be constructive, kind, and specific.  Start with what's working, critique without scolding, and be relevant.
  2. Reflect, then revise.  Try handing back assignments with JUST comments, which sort of forces students to read them instead of just glancing at the grade.
  3. Be timely.  Provide feedback within 24-48 hours so it keeps its context.
Several of the educational technology pieces we use offer opportunities to give high quality feedback.  To name a few:
Of course, traditional methods work well too!  Handwritten comments and individual conversations go a long way with all students.

Do you give high quality feedback in other ways?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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