Wednesday, November 16, 2016

STEAM in the Classroom

What does STEAM look like at Warrior Run?

High School
  • Digital Music
  • Digital Photography
  • Engineering course utilizes 3D printers (and more!)
  • Robotics Club
  • WR News

Middle School

Elementary School
  • CSD - after school program
  • SUMCD - summer program at Kelly Elementary in Lewisburg

How can you add STEAM to your classroom?

Project Based Learning - on edutopia, Andrew Miller explains why PBL and STEAM are a natural fit

Here are some examples of actual STEAM lessons:
  • Chemistry - Chromatography Lab
  • Choir - Vocal Video Recordings
  • Drama - Silent Movies
  • Engineering - 3D Printing
  • English - Independent reading multimedia projects
  • Physics - Projectile Motion Lab
  • Social Studies - Timeline projects
  • Spanish - Scrapbooking with novels

Tell us what YOU’RE doing in YOUR classroom in the comment section!

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