Thursday, February 16, 2017

PETE&C Takeaways

Earlier this week, I accompanied a few colleagues to the annual Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C) in Hershey, PA.  This is a wonderful (but very crowded) conference organized by PAECT every year.  When thinking about what I want to share out from this opportunity, here are my top takeaways that I hope you can start conversations around:

  1. Seesaw is the go-to platform for digital portfolios in the elementary school setting.  Check out the slideshow by the presenters.
  2. Aurasma is changing the way we interact with our reality, allowing opportunities to scan and see augmented versions of reality.  Some schools use it to give tours of their schools or for seniors to be a visible part of their yearbook.  Matt Hill had the great idea to do this with our Hall of Fame!
  3. The new ISTE standards released last summer highlight so many opportunities for student engagement and active learning.
  4. Vibby allows you to take a video from the internet and crop it so you are only showing your audience the part that you want them to see.
  5. PHeT contains a wide variety of online interactive science activities.
  6. It’s possible for a teacher to learn alongside a student in a content area that they are interested in but not an expert.
  7. It’s important to give students a voice in the changes at their school.
  8. Learning is more powerful when it is directed by the students, such as the example of a session about Breakout boxes conducted by students at a professional conference!
  9. You can do digital Breakout boxes (if you solve the Poe-ch the Raven one, give me and Liz the answer!).
  10. Digital portfolios don’t need to be fancy.  Google sites is the perfect option for students to collect their learning for Google schools.

If you want to see our notes, they can be found here. I hope this will inspire someone to check out something new or start a conversation about innovation for your classroom.  Speaking of innovation, there’s a new WR Twitter account - @wrsdinnovate.  Give it a follow.

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