Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Summer Reading Ideas

One more month and Summer will be upon us. As the days get longer and warmer, one can’t help but think about all the adventures a Summer can hold. However, don’t forget to include some reading in your daily adventures. There are many different ways reading can be a part of your summer fun. Check out some suggestions below:

Summer Reading Challenge:
On Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachable Teacher created a summer reading challenge checklist for all ages. It is a free downloadable sheet that challenges the user to read with a flashlight, read to a pet, read outside, and so much more.
It can be found at:

Take a weekly Trip to the Public Library:
Libraries don’t just have books. There are movies, audiobooks, digital downloads, magazines, and more. There are also multiple activities held each month. Making a weekly trip to the Public Library can ensure that children have many materials to read and explore this Summer.

Book Reports:
After your child reads a book, don’t just ask them if they liked it. Have them do a book report and work on their comprehension skills. Betsy Beier’s website has a great printable report that has children summarizing the story, recalling characters, and telling about their favorite part.
It can be found at:

Rethink Your Summer Reading Chart:
Summer reading charts come in all shapes and sizes. On the site “Chicken Babies” the creator Erin has an interesting take on charting books read over the summer. For each book read, the child earns a piece of an ever-growing bookworm. On top of that, the child earns an incentive for each book read.
It can be found at:

There are so many ideas for fun, engaging ways to incorporate reading into your summer fun. What do you do in your home?

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