Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Get Started with Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts functions like chat (think instant messenger) and video chat (like Skype or FaceTime).  You can use it on ANY device - desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.  Not only can this web tool make your life easier, you can use it in your classroom with your students and colleagues as well.


Everyone likes when products make life easier, right?  I mean, I do.  Google Hangouts is one my favorite tools for communication and collaboration.  

  • Contact colleagues without sending yet another email.  This comes in handy for quick questions, tracking down a student, or making decisions, among other things.
  • Join a meeting virtually that you’re unable to attend in person. You can do this via the chat feature OR the video call feature.
  • Group conversations more efficiently.  Think about clubs/groups co-advisors, school or district teams; students can also use it for group work in and outside of school


Beyond making lives easier, Google Hangouts is an incredible tool to use in the classroom as well.  Think student collaboration, guest speakers, virtual field trips… the list goes on!


To get started using Google Hangouts, you’ll need to find your preferred method of access (there are several).  You can…

For future reference, bookmark this blog post or download Google’s Cheat Sheet.  

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