Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Useful ways to incorporate the Chromebook or iPad Webcam

Chromebooks and iPads come with a built-in webcam that your students may or may not have discovered and tried out some selfies.  There are more useful and educational ways to incorporate it in the classroom, some of which our awesome teachers are already using.  Try out some of these ideas:

Useful for
Journaling / Blogging / Scrapbooking
Art, English / Language Arts, History
Video conferencing
Author visits, interviewing specialists in a field, connecting with other classrooms from another school
Steps / stages in a process, such as a science experiment
Science, English / Language Arts, Art, Math
Document camera
All classes
Making screencasts and instructional videos for our students (Flipped Classrooms, included)
All classes

The webcam doesn’t have to be your webcam.  There are lots of webcams around the internet that record footage that can be used and discussed in your classroom!  Just imagine a lesson where students observe clownfish and document their symbiotic relationship with anemones.

If you need more ideas or need help getting started, contact your librarian!

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