Thursday, May 19, 2016

Online Professional Development

Now that our flex days for the 2016-2017 are official, some people may be considering how best to use this time.  If you are looking for some fresh ideas regarding ed tech, here are some places to start:

This is a free online summer webinar series by Corwin Connect.  The topics include QR codes, web quests, transforming your classroom, OERs, blended learning, mobile tech, personalized learning, etc.

Discovery Education does great online professional development that mostly instruct you on how to implement their tools into the classroom, but really starts with the basics when instructing.  I did one a few years ago and that’s how I learned about BoardBuilder, which is their version of Glogster.

These virtual sessions cover more topics than just technology integration.  I already found one that sounds interesting on using ThingLink!  There are others, though, on vocabulary strategies, etc.

These will cover topics that Liz and I teach regularly when co-teaching with teachers in the district.  These have a beginner, intermediate and advanced level and you can also contact us about doing the training in person.  More will be added throughout the summer and during the school year.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us!  Have a great rest of your school year.  The end is in sight.

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