Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Useful tech tips to save time

Based on some recent interactions I’ve had with students and teachers this week, I thought everyone might enjoy learning a few tips that helped someone out.

A student’s browsing history

While working on a research project, I suspected that a student was more off-task than on-task.  I checked his browsing history in chrome and it showed me that he had been opening other assignments for other classes and had not even opened what he was supposed to be working on during that time.  I used this opportunity to re-direct him and get him on task.

To view his browser history, I used the 3 horizontal lines in chrome (aka the hamburger menu) and selected, “History.”  From there I could see all the recently closed tabs and click again for further information.  It will also show from the past few days or sites that are accessed on other pages.  Students are not able to clear their browser history because this option is turned off for student accounts. This can also be helpful if you closed a tab that you need back.

Finding something in Drive/Gmail

Need a file but can’t remember the name?  In the search bar at the end on the right, there is a small triangle with the point facing down.  Click this and it will allow you to choose more options to further filter your search results.  These can include who the item was from, what type of file it is, or if it contained attachments.  This can save you the headache of trying to locate it in your folders (especially if you don’t bother with folders, like me).

Gmail advanced search

Google Drive advanced search

We hope these tips can help save you time or sanity as the end of the year really picks up pace!

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