Thursday, October 27, 2016


For a few years now, our school has had a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policy, which is located in each school’s handbook.  This promotes the use of a student’s individual device for educational purposes during school hours at the discretion of each teacher in their classroom.  Many teachers are taking advantage of this opportunity to use a tool that the student already owns.  If you aren’t or you are but are not sure about the steps to be taken, here’s a refresher:

On the intranet, read your building’s student handbook with the guidelines.
Untitled drawing.jpg

Students should register their device with the district.
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The form that they complete looks like this:

Once the students have completed this step, they are allowed to use their devices during school at the teacher’s discretion.  This can include using it for the class itself, as a supplementary material that the student is providing.  Here are some examples that teachers are already using this in the district:

Do you know of other ideas for using the BYOT agreement?  Send them my way!

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