Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Discover Databases

Every year, we ask students to complete several research papers and projects.  Every year, we remind them to use credible sources (and what credible sources are/are not).  It is our instinct to “google” stuff, which is great for quick facts and information.  

But how do we find credible, research-paper-worthy information quickly?  
And how do we help our students do that?  

The answer is databases.  

The libraries utilize several subscription and free databases, which are available for anyone to use on and off campus.  They are accessible through the school library websites:

This short video explains what databases are and why we need them.

Databases cover topics from history and science to literature and art to engineering and current events, plus everything in between.  Benefits of databases include:
  • Better information faster
  • Availability of current, historical, and primary source materials
  • Access to information from anywhere, anytime (it’s online!)
  • Pre-formatted MLA citations available

Please encourage your students to begin their research using databases.  From there, they can branch out to other internet sources.  And of course, we have plenty of books available!

If you would like to learn more about databases, or for your students to learn more, please contact your nearest librarian!

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